Natalie Parletta

Psychology and Nutrition

University of South Australia

After healing postnatal depression with Vitamin B, I anguished between studying psychology or nutrition. I chose psych but ended up doing both, with research probing links between nutrition and mental health (ask me anything about omega-3, Mediterranean diet, enthusing children to eat broccoli).

Iโ€™ve now morphed from researcher to freelance writer, inspired by writing narratively, talking to scientists and exploring new territory. I work at home with my puppy and am immersed in an online Advanced Graduate Certificate in Science Writing with Johns Hopkins University.

I have about 60 scientific publications, and a growing portfolio of work in the public domain, including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, New York Times (Australia Diary), The Conversation, Washington Post and Medium.

2 articles

Meet Helen Rodrรญguez-Trรญas, pediatrician-turned-healthcare activist

She pushed to end sterilization, legalize abortion, and give poor people access to quality care

Can nutritious eating improve mental health?

One participant in a study on Mediterranean diet went so far as to say she was 'born again'

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Why don't Americans care about chemicals?

We need chemicals for daily life, but seem to feel 'apocalypse fatigue' around their dangers

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