Melanie Silvis

Molecular Microbiology

UC San Francisco

Proud parent of millions of bacteria, lover of genetics and microbe-centric views of the world. I study the things that make bacteria tick, and how antibiotics mess them up.

5 articles

Scientists want to harness our microbiomes for cancer treatments

Microbes' fight for survival can help cancers thrive or help us treat it

Evolution is a lot messier than we thought

Cells evolved haphazardly, not in one overall arc

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How gut bacteria manipulates your immune system โ€“ by mimicking it

Scientists are discovering how microbes 'speak' with the body

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Beetles exploit bacteria labor to grow their exoskeletons

New research has revealed a "symbiotic organ" in weevils, showing how tiny organisms shape larger life

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Can corals be saved? The key may be in their microbes

Biologists are studying corals with techniques designed for humans

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Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

A study in rural India is raising hopes for a future without antibiotics

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HIV uses camouflage to hide from cell defenses

Viruses are fighting an evolutionary arms race in our DNA

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