Jenny Howard


Wake Forest University

Jennifer Howard is a PhD candidate in ecology, evolution, and animal behavior at Wake Forest. Her research seeks to understand what affects a birdโ€™s decision to forage in a specific place (i.e., prey, sea surface temperature, large-scale climate events) and how that could change as the climate does.

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The trained zoologist and a bureaucrat pushed for environmental safety her whole life

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New data helps predict peak bird movements, helping people change their behavior to save avian lives

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Tracking the history โ€“ and future โ€“ of the world's largest penguin breeding colony

Climate change is upending migration patterns that predate Cleopatra

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Tree-murdering fungi and insects increasingly contribute to climate change

New research suggests carbon dioxide released from dying forests equals emissions from 11 million cars

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Why don't Venus flytraps eat their pollinators?

The carnivorous plants are disappearing, so scientists need to understand their symbiosis with insects

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Can Hawaii's waterfall-climbing fish survive when mountain rains change?

O'opu make extreme treks to breed that depend on stable climate conditions

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Life is evolving through a hurricane of human pollution

Animals are adapting to pollutants in surprising and often costly ways

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