Gregory Logan-Graf

Cell Biology

Carnegie Mellon University

I'm a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, where I study a protein called actin. Actin is part of the cytoskeleton, which gives cells strength and allows them to move. Neat! In addition to actin, I've also studied breast cancer and the senses of balance and touch.

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Six facts about Gertrude Elion, a legend in drug discovery

She experienced many obstacles, but her perseverance and passion always won

Can young blood actually help cure Alzheimer's?

Researchers are testing the idea, with encouraging early results

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Scientists have learned to grow brain tissue to 100x (just add water)

A new technique to expand cells seems like science fiction: it lets researchers bypass laws of microscope physics

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Rand Paul's bill to stop 'silly' science would stifle research, innovation, and the economy

The senator has backed a bill that would let political appointees and "taxpayer advocates" cut research

My 'basic' fruit fly research could help save lives

Politicians like Sarah Palin love to mock it, but here's why we should all support 'basic' research

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Could a future cure for migraines come from a chance discovery in the past?

There may soon be an FDA-approved treatment for the intractable condition

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Can MDMA help people with autism overcome social anxiety?

An expert lays out a cautiously optimistic case for using the psychedelic in therapy

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