Ellen Stuart-Haëntjens

Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Virginia Commonwealth University

I’m a PhD candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University. My research focuses on forest and wetland ecosystem resilience to disturbances and extreme climatic events. In addition to science, I enjoy mentoring, conducting outreach, and rock climbing.

2 articles

Tree-murdering fungi and insects increasingly contribute to climate change

New research suggests carbon dioxide released from dying forests equals emissions from 11 million cars

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How farmers on the Great Plains are changing the local climate

New crop practices trap more carbon in the soil, increasing rainfall and adding profits

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How one invasive plant can change a rainforest

The mountain apple's entry into Indonesia a century ago still threatens biodiversity there

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The secret to sounder sleep may be lurking in our guts

New research shows that stressed med students on probiotics got better shut-eye

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Deep-sea creatures are weirder than we ever suspected

Rare anglerfish footage shows glowing fins and parasitic mating

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Why I'm quitting GMO research

Constantly confronting people who think my research will harm them is profoundly distressing

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