Brittney Borowiec

Environmental Physiology

McMaster University

12 articles

The weird and wonderful world of fish

A new book tells tales of the life aquatic

How to stop catfish from foisting their babies on you

Fish donโ€™t have a reputation for smarts, but species that co-evolved with catfish know to avoid them

Tracking the history โ€“ and future โ€“ of the world's largest penguin breeding colony

Climate change is upending migration patterns that predate Cleopatra

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Four facts about Jane Goodall, primatologist, anthropologist, and activist

Her unorthodox research showed us that chimpanzees are far more human than we thought

Meet Vera Rubin, the stargazer who predicted dark matter

From childhood, she preferred 'to stay up and watch the stars than go to sleep'

Life on the savannah is a duel between agility and strength

Survival of the fittest evolves in the genes

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Chameleons do more than change color โ€“ their bones glow in the dark

Famous for camouflage, their visual communication turns out to run even deeper

Humans appear to be worse for animals than radioactive fallout

Chernobyl's nuclear disaster reveals the unpredictability of evolution

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Life is evolving through a hurricane of human pollution

Animals are adapting to pollutants in surprising and often costly ways

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When you smell the roses, do they smell you back?

Scientists have found that plants like Canada goldenrod deploy defenses against insects on scent

Goldfish can survive without oxygen for months by basically getting drunk

"It's bizarre to see this kind of enzyme in anything with a face"

Why the first vertebrates to leave the ocean learned to see before they could walk

Advanced eyesight might have paved the way for better brains and complex thought

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