Benjamin Bell


Johns Hopkins University

I study sleep in mammals. I tend to ask the "journalism" questions of sleep as a behavior, "who, what, where, when, and why?" Evolutionarily, sleep has always seemed like an odd-ball to me, and while we are no closer to answering the "why" component, my research has started to hone in on the "who" and "when" factors, which can both provide important insight to this activity engaged in which we spend a full third of our lives.

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Opening Our Minds

Join five scientists as they explain the research behind new psychedelic treatments for mental illnesses

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What is a hallucinogen?

What these mind-altering drugs do in our brains

A neuroscientist reviews Michael Pollan's 'How to Change Your Mind'

The book shines new light on the revitalized field of psychedelic medicine

The psychedelic renaissance is here. Will it last this time?

To avoid the mistakes of the past, scientists and society need to open their minds

Can MDMA help people with autism overcome social anxiety?

An expert lays out a cautiously optimistic case for using the psychedelic in therapy

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Why you shouldn't believe everything your sleep tracker tells you

People who are told they slept poorly will act accordingly, even if it isn't true

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Lab-grown leather and spider silk are the future of your wardrobe

Burgeoning startups are hacking cells to create 'unnatural' and 'smart' clothing

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Does modern neuroscience really help us understand behavior?

Two experts argue that the field needs to move beyond its limited roots

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We're beginning to understand why spinal cord tissue is so hard to heal

A group of recent findings may eventually pave the way for better treatments

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How does the developing brain learn to perceive the world before it can see it?

Our eyes work when we're born, even though they've never been exposed to light

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