Allison Fritts-Penniman

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

California Academy of Sciences

I am an evolutionary biologist studying how coral reefs became the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. I work on nudibranchs, aka the most beautiful slugs youโ€™ll ever see. I hope that by learning as much as we can about coral reef biodiversity and sharing it with the world, we may inspire change that could reverse their current trajectory towards extinction.

2 articles

Did 'The Bachelorette' just eat my research?

Giant mollusks are just about the only thing more interesting to me than who gets the rose

What can ancient dog poop reveal about an ecosystem?

The poo fossils of a long-extinct species are teaching scientists about nature's past โ€“ and possible future

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Where do aquarium fish come from?

It's crucial to know before you buy for conservation purposes

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Why is it so hard for scientists to talk about leaving academia?

We should value scientists who transfer their skills

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The brain treats questions about beliefs like physical threats. Can we learn to disarm it?

Street epistemologists are trying to give people 'the gift of doubt'

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Simulating evolution helped scientists design a better virus

It sounds like an arcane superpower. It boils down to random mutation and selection

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Scientific knowledge is drowning in a flood of research

A comic about the problems with the -omics, illustrated by Matteo Farinella

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