Sneaky Microorganisms

Our tiniest organisms contain multitudes: they collaborate, protect themselves, resort to trickery. And they are constantly evolving

Featuring 7 articles by 6 scientists

How gut bacteria manipulates your immune system โ€“ by mimicking it

Scientists are discovering how microbes 'speak' with the body

Melanie Silvis

Molecular Microbiology

UC San Francisco

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Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

A study in rural India is raising hopes for a future without antibiotics

Devang Mehta


University of Alberta

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HIV uses camouflage to hide from cell defenses

Viruses are fighting an evolutionary arms race in our DNA

Maya Emmons-Bell

Developmental Biology

UC Berkeley

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Beetles exploit bacteria labor to grow their exoskeletons

New research has revealed a "symbiotic organ" in weevils, showing how tiny organisms shape larger life

Melanie Silvis

Molecular Microbiology

UC San Francisco

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Scientists found an entire herpes virus genome hiding out in fish DNA

Researchers have made a bizarre discovery involving transposons, parasitic DNA found in fish (and humans)

Dan Samorodnitsky


Carnegie Mellon University

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Can the right microbes really solve all your health problems?

A microbiologist explains the latest gut science

Namrata Iyer


Brown University

We're beginning to understand the 'tumor microenvironment' that makes cancer so resilient

The cellular processes that help tumors thrive in the body are a promising new target for cancer treatments

Danny Jomaa


University of Ottawa