Scientific Controversies

Are there Many Worlds? Does Time Exist? Are We Alone? Hosted by Pioneer Works Director of Sciences Janna Levin, this series celebrates the passionate spirit of scientific curiosity with the help of guests ranging from biologist Richard Dawkins to Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek—as well as Sci Con’s house DJ, DJ Black Helmet.

Featuring 5 articles

There's big gaps in our knowledge of black holes

Watch astrophysicists Priyamvada Natarajan and Feryal Özel discuss the origins and behavior of black holes in our new animation

Physicist Max Tegmark explains why AI will help humanity flourish

"There's no law of physics that says we can't build machines more intelligent than we are"

Will it ever be possible to measure subjective experience?

A animated journey into the questions of consciousness posed by Christof Koch and David Chalmers

The sublime, dark depths of the unknown universe, animated

How do you visualize something that, by definition, can’t be seen?

Dark Matter makes up a quarter of our universe, but we still have no idea what it is

The discovery of the Higgs boson points us in the right direction, but we’re still feeling our way through the dark.