Science Brawls

The internet is a vast web of smaller ecosystems, where controversies and arguments can feel all-encompassing from within and confusing from an outsider’s point of view. That includes the world of scientists, who share an argot and a fundamental training that can set their debates apart even as they are uniquely positioned to affect the broader world. Enter Massive. As an accessible science publication by active STEM researchers, we figured, who better to bring the controversies to you?

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The Graduate Research Fellowship Program favors elite schools – again

The early-career grants, meant to boost diversity, end up perpetuating disparities

Kelsey Lucas

Physiology, Marine Biology, and Ecology

Harvard University

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A scientist responds to that 'Science' Instagram essay

Online outreach helps highlight women and people of color in the field

Gabriela Serrato Marks

Marine Geology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Should peer review stop being anonymous?

Prominent researchers can take the gamble, but junior scientists risk retribution

Dan Samorodnitsky


Carnegie Mellon University

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Science brawls, explained by a scientist

Here's what scientists are feuding about online this week

Dan Samorodnitsky


Carnegie Mellon University