It's All Subjective

Objectivity may be science's holy grail, but the experiences of its practitioners have a large effect. Here are first-person essays from the front lines of STEM research

Featuring 11 articles by 11 scientists

How I used my research skills to help diagnose myself

It's hard to leave the science at the lab bench

Ashley Best

Microbiology and Immunology

University of Louisville

As a scientist, sometimes I understand too much about my brother's cystic fibrosis

My knowledge of his disease can be helpful, but also supremely frustrating

Ben Marcus


Why I'm quitting GMO research

Constantly confronting people who think my research will harm them is profoundly distressing

Devang Mehta


University of Alberta

Comment 3 peer comments

My life in butterflies: how a childhood hobby shaped my career

Citizen scientists make tangible contributions to data collection

Jenny Howard


Wake Forest University

Iโ€™m a Russian scientist. Why canโ€™t Americans see past my citizenship?

In my adopted home, I've found distrust divorced from the reality of my work

Ana Gorelova

Molecular Pharmacology

University of Pittsburgh

The beautiful merger of art and science that inspired generations of neuroscientists

"Perhaps only an artist's eye could have seen so much in a slice of brain"

Elle O'Brien

Computational Neuroscience

How I realized that LGBT+ scientists like me can inspire others in their field

Far too many LGBT+ scientists still report fear in their workplaces, but I have hope for change

Andrew Scarpelli

Molecular Biology

National Louis University

How theater, startup culture, and business history helped us become better neuroscientists

The sciences would benefit enormously from applying lessons from art and business

Gonรงalo Lopes


Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Danbee Kim

Comparative Neuroscience

Champalimaud Foundation

I had to learn assembly language to truly understand my grandfather

He didn't process the world like the rest of us

Elle O'Brien

Computational Neuroscience

The time I solved a tricky lab problem with Google and Vaseline

Yup, scientists use search engines, too

Louisa Cockbill


University of Bristol

People ask about my experiments on mice. The answers are โ€ฆ complicated

Behind most breakthroughs is animal research. Let's stop pretending otherwise

Ashley Juavinett


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory