Condensed Matters

An audiovisual series and archive of complex scientific ideas made small. Big ideas are condensed into their most essential form by scientists and experts who exist intimately beside them, think about them and devote their life to their analysis.

Featuring 8 articles

There's big gaps in our knowledge of black holes

Watch astrophysicists Priyamvada Natarajan and Feryal ร–zel discuss the origins and behavior of black holes in our new animation

Will it ever be possible to measure subjective experience?

A animated journey into the questions of consciousness posed by Christof Koch and David Chalmers

Physicist Max Tegmark explains why AI will help humanity flourish

"There's no law of physics that says we can't build machines more intelligent than we are"

The sublime, dark depths of the unknown universe, animated

How do you visualize something that, by definition, canโ€™t be seen?

Dreaming and wakefulness are two ways of being yourself

The definition of consciousness is harder to pin down than you might think, argues cognitive neuroscientist Elizaveta Solomonova.

Neurons die with grace

Neuroscientist Emily Lowryโ€™s ongoing research on how and why nerve cells die has implications for Alzheimerโ€™s, ALS and beyond.

Condensed Matters: Science in Short

Learn about the standard model, dark matter and consciousness in less than 6 minutes.

The risks and rewards of genetic engineering, animated

Pioneering biologist David Baltimore on the ethical quandary of engineering 'cures'