Rachel Aronoff

Molecular Microbiology

After academic experiences in molecular microbiology throughout her earlier international career, Rachel is settled down to public health and citizen science efforts via her Swiss association, AGiR! โ€“ Action for Genomic integrity through Research! She is also project leader, biosafety officer, and co-president (with Vanessa Lorenzo) of Hackuarium, an open public lab which hopes to democratize science for all. Her passion is the dynamic sub-cellular molecular 'dance' which allows our cells to thrive, and she enjoys helping others explore challenges in quantitative microbiology and find solutions to problems.

1 article

BRCA genes are more complicated than most people think

Genes long considered risk factors are about much more than cancer: they help DNA repair

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Evolution is a lot messier than we thought

Cells evolved haphazardly, not in one overall arc

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We can no longer count on nature's 'self-correction' to curb warming

Plants are reaching their carbon-storage limit

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Why there probably won't be a 'magic bullet' for cancer

Researchers increasingly view the disease as a sprawling, evolving metropolis of cells

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HIV uses camouflage to hide from cell defenses

Viruses are fighting an evolutionary arms race in our DNA

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