Getting Paid

We believe that science communication needs more funded pathways. To support this, we pay a modest amount for articles published with us after training. We only pay for articles we accept and publish to the site. You may waive payment if it conflicts with other contracts or obligations.

Invoicing & Receiving Payment

Weโ€™ve designed our payment system to be extremely simple. You simply need to sign our Contributor's Agreement and โ€“ once you get an invitation email โ€“ create an account and fill out the necessary information in Kalo, our payment system. Once you write your third story, begin invoicing through Kalo. It's easy and all-digital.

If you do not receive payment within 30 days for an article, you should email to let us know.


Your first two published stories will follow from your training. After that, stories you write for Massive will be compensated as follows:

  • Story 3-4: $65 each
  • Story 5-9: $90 each
  • Story 10+: $115 each

We based these rates on average grad student hourly pay, the average time it takes to complete an article (as reported by survey data), and a flat increase in hourly rate every 2 articles. If, after working with us for a while, you decide you want to become a regular writer for us, we are open to negotiating individual writer contracts.

Last updated March 12, 2018