After you march for science, we'll help you keep up the cause

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After you march for science, we'll help you keep up the cause

Join Massive and support our mission to make science and scientists an important part of society, politics, and culture

Here at Massive, we’re excitedly looking forward to this year’s March for Science on April 14. It will be another forceful show of support for the importance of science and scientists in our society, politics, and culture. But marching is just the beginning: after it’s over, we need to take real action to transform the momentum from the March into lasting, positive change.

That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever for scientists and citizens to join forces at Massive to help maximize science’s impact on society. Scientists can join our growing Consortium, where they’ll learn how to tell impactful stories about their science and use it to inspire a wide audience. 

And everyone who isn't a scientist can join us as a subscriber to support intelligent science media that’s transparent and independent, support a brand new generation of rising science communicators who want to have an impact, and truly understand the science underlying our society’s greatest challenges and opportunities. By subscribing, you’ll get access to our new, monthly Reports: we’re teaming up our Consortium scientists to provide you with an engaging and trustworthy understanding of the science behind important, complex issues like GMOs, mental health treatment, and more.

Last year, after an awe-inspiring March for Science that demonstrated the broad support for scientists and science-informed policy, we launched the Massive Science Consortium to continue on the effort. Since launching it, we’ve trained hundreds of scientists in how to tell engaging narratives about science; spent our year sharing their stories with our growing science-curious audience; and built a vibrant community of researchers who are dedicated to finding new ways of making science interesting, informative, and impactful. Along the way, our Consortium members have been invited to talk about their work on the BBC and CBC, had their work republished in major national publications like Quartz and Slate, and even been offered book deals to keep telling their stories to more people.

This year, we’re so excited to be able to welcome everyone into our growing, science-curious community by launching Massive Science Reports. We’ve already been connecting our growing science-curious audience and our impact-driven scientists in brand new ways that didn’t exist before — and the hundreds of intelligent questions we’ve received from our readers in just the last few months tell us this kind of connection is long overdue. Now, we have the chance to bring you together with scientists in a brand new variety of ways and effect change together.

It’s an incredible shift to see more researchers than ever consider public engagement as a part of their job. Massive is committed to helping as many of them as possible find a diverse audience and maximize their impact, in addition to helping make current developments in science relevant and interesting to as many people as possible. 

Let’s march on behalf of science, then continue our commitment to act; the only way it can make a difference is if we work together.