Meet the 14 researchers who will help you think about climate science in new ways

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Meet the 14 researchers who will help you think about climate science in new ways

Our biggest cohort to date is full of exciting participants. We can’t wait for you to read their work – and use their expertise to help with your own

Massive is delighted to announce our third training group, focusing on climate science.

Our timing – launching the cohort alongside the COP23 UN climate change conference and the ongoing assault on curbing carbon emissions and protecting resources by the US administration – is not accidental. Now more than ever, it’s vital to have scientists, whom the public trusts far more than journalists or politicians, capable of demystifying our climate change emergency in accessible ways. 

We’ve found that the most effective way to teach these communication skills is through remote, monthlong group trainings. Through collective exploration of a common theme, members simultaneously grow their skills while they forge a new, supportive network of likeminded peers. 

Past participants in our genetic engineering and neuroscience cohorts have told us that Massive’s storytelling training has made them better researchers, teachers, and overall thinkers. So 

Here is the impressive crew that, no pressure, is poised to gain the communication skills that could help save the planet:

We’d love to hoard their expertise for ourselves, but that’s against Massive’s ethos of helping launch a new generation of science leaders. So: news outlets in need of a source or quote in a climate change piece, please feel free to reach out at We’d be happy to connect you to our expert climate science communicators. 

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